September 2016 - Women in Housing

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26 | TH E M R EP O RT LEADING LADY LEADING LADY LEADING LADY LEADING LADY LEADING LADY LEADING LADY LEADING LADY FANNIE MAE FANNIE MAE FANNIE MAE FANNIE MAE FANNIE MAE FANNIE MAE √ THE FEMALES OF FANNIE MAE THE GSE'S GIFTED GROUP Nadine Bates SVP AND TREASURER, FANNIE MAE In her two decades at Fannie Mae, Nadine Bates has played an integral role in the nation's housing market. Among her legacy is Fannie Mae's benchmark program, which she helped develop and which served as a model for the industry. She remained steadfast from the height of the housing boom to the depths of the financial recession, maintaining her professionalism, poise, and integrity. Her strong leadership and ability to inspire loyalty are evident in the fact that she has been able to maintain and keep her team motivated during Fannie Mae's conservatorship though Fannie Mae's compensation has not been able to keep up with the private sector. Bates is known for maintaining composure in difficult situations and delivering difficult messages with professionalism. Charmaine Brown DIRECTOR, OFFICE OF DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION, FANNIE MAE When asked what she would tell a young woman looking to excel in the industry, Charmaine Brown, Director of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at Fannie Mae, gave some practical advice. "Be prepared. Know what it is your business to know. Be competent. Develop your skills. Learn where your gaps are. Once you've done that and you're prepared, don't let anything stop you." Brown is accountable for developing and implementing diversity and inclusion strategies that meet and exceed Section 1116 of the Housing and Economic Recovery Act (HERA). Her primary areas of focus are the development of programs and initiatives that expand the capabilities of minorities and women. Kristy Fercho SVP, CUSTOMER DELIVERY EXECUTIVE, FANNIE MAE Kristy Fercho has total business responsibility for $300 billion acquisition volume and leads the achievement of revenue and profitability through end-to-end business and strategy development for the Single Family business at Fannie Mae. Fercho served as SVP, Customer Engagement, Head of People and Culture and VP HR previously. She has a passion to serve others, boundless energy and drive, and willingness to challenge the status quo. She is consistently challenging the organization to think of what's possible and how to best serve the needs of our customers so they in turn can serve their customers (the end consumer). Sarah Alexander Goldfrank SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT & DEPUTY GENERAL COUNSEL, SINGLE-FAMILY MORTGAGE BUSINESS, FANNIE MAE Sarah Alexander Goldfrank leads Fannie Mae's legal services team related to the Single-Family Mortgage Business, which includes selling and servicing contracts, litigation, seller/ servicer oversight, remedies against private-label securi - ties issuers, and lender counterparty management. Previously, she was SVP at Bank of America, leading the bank's most important mortgage-related legal initia - tives. While her focus was on diversity and inclusion initiatives, during her seven years at Fannie Mae on her first tour, Goldfrank came to understand the importance of sustainable housing to in - dividuals, communities, and our nation. She is deeply committed to improving the industry, from access to credit, to the diversity of partners in the process, and from enhanced sustainability of the market, to easing the burdens the mortgage pro - cess places on participants. Mercedes G. Henriksson DIRECTOR OF SALES CPM REAL ESTATE FANNIE MAE Mercedes G. Henriksson is responsible for the management of Fannie Mae's regional office in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, which manages all of Fannie Mae's foreclosed property inventory. She has over 30 years of experience in the areas of real estate, banking, human resources, marketing, and sales management. "I have heard her speak at different conferences and I am very impressed with her knowledge and inspiration," said Ruben M. Peña, Chair of the Five Star Advisory Board and President of TC Austin Residential Group, LLC. "She has been in the business for many years and has always been helpful when others reach out to her."

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