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28 | TH E M R EP O RT C SUITE C SUITE C SUITE C SUITE C SUITE Emerging Leader Age: 34 √ THE C SUITE THE CHIEFS LEADING THE CHARGE Tami Bonnell CEO, EXIT REALTY CORP. INTERNATIONAL CEO of Exit Realty Corp. International, Tami Bonnell is recognized and revered throughout the industry. With more than 30 years' industry experience, Bonnell served as the president of EXIT Realty's U.S. Organization from 2001 to 2012, before being named CEO of EXIT Realty Corp. International. Bonnell speaks at several national real estate events and conferences, and she hosts quarterly webinars on real estate, in addition to making herself widely available to those who seek her expertise. Bonnell has acquired a long list of accolades, including being recently recognized by leading researcher and real estate trend watcher Stephan Swanepoel, as one of the 200 most powerful people in residential real estate, and included in the top 10 most powerful women in real estate. Kelly Brooks CEO, PROPERTY MASTERS, INC. Kelly Brooks joined Property Masters, Inc., an asset renovations company, straight out of College. She started at the ground floor and worked her way up to the role of CEO this year. When she started at Property Masters, the company served Metro Atlanta with three employees. Brooks helped shape the company into a 150-employee company covering 18 states and grossing $50 million in revenue annually. Not only has Brooks proven herself a savvy business professional, but she has also worked hard to earn the respect of her male counterparts who watched with skepticism as she took on a leadership role at Property Masters. Brooks looks forward to transforming the general distrust millennials harbor for the mortgage industry and attracting young talent to the aging industry. Melanie Feliciano CHIEF LEGAL OFFICER, DOCMAGIC, INC. Melanie Feliciano is the Chief Legal Officer at DocMagic and has been with the company since 2004. She oversees the company's legal department for compliance. Before DocMagic, she was a Senior Associate Attorney at the Los Angeles law firm of Swedelson & Gottlieb. Prior to that, Feliciano was a Senior Associate Attorney at the Los Angeles law firm of Robert Smylie & Associates. She is incredibly committed to DocMagic through thick and thin. At times, Feliciano operates under huge amounts of pressure to ensure that DocMagic's clients are compliant at all times, but she is always able to get things done and to perfection. Pam Kosanke CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER, RENTERS WAREHOUSE In her role as Chief Mar- keting Officer for Renters Warehouse, Pam Kosanke rebranded the company, leading to nationwide expansion and helping secure a private equity group investment last year. Notably, she trademarked the term "Rent Estate" to effectively portray Rent - ers Warehouse's premise. With 16 years' experience in marketing and advertis- ing, Kosanke held positions at McDonald's and Allstate before joining Renters Warehouse, where she built the marketing depart - ment from scratch, and recently added three female digital marketers. While demanding creativity and dedication from her team, she also remains flexible to allow for a healthy work- life balance. In her personal life, Kosanke is involved in charity work and plays and serves on the board of USA Rugby. Susheel Mantha CFO, LRES CORPORATION With 25 years' experience in finance and accounting, Susheel Mantha serves as the CFO for LRES Cor - poration, overseeing the company's financial activities and accounting practices; directing financial strategy, planning, and forecasts; managing financial risks; and reporting to the LRES board and shareholders. "Susheel is a 15-year industry veteran who has successfully risen to CFO the past two years at LRES," said Roger Beane, CEO and Founder at LRES. "Her expertise for fiscal responsibility and management, analyzing and structuring M&A and recognizing efficiencies are superior." Beyond provid - ing thought leadership for all departments at LRES, Mantha has built a tight-knit community in the finance and accounting departments, where she maintains an open-door policy, sharing her insight and knowledge with all levels of LRES employees.

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