September 2016 - Women in Housing

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34 | TH E M R EP O RT LEADING LADY LEADING LADY LEADING LADY LEADING LADY LEADING LADY Kim Mitchell SENIOR DIRECTOR OF CLIENT LENDER PREMIER SERVICES, CLOSINGCORP In her position with ClosingCorp, Kim Mitchell heads the team responsible for onboarding and training the company's lender cli - ents, as well as partnering with them on custom con- figuration needs required to meet their internal policies and processes. Mitchell has excelled in several roles since joining ClosingCorp in 2011, including product manager of the company's flagship product, Smart - Closing, as well as a subject matter expert on product integrations and client cus- tomizations. "Kim does not accept status quo and has no shortage of ambition," said Carol Crawford, SVP Marketing Communica - tions at ClosingCorp. "She has amazing insights into how the mortgage market works. She is the go-to person who clients and col - leagues consistently count on to solve problems and deliver exceptional results." Maria V. Moskver GENERAL COUNSEL & ENTERPRISE COMPLIANCE OFFICER, LENDERLIVE Maria V. Moskver brings nearly 20 years of experience in con- sumer financial services, including loss mitigation, bankruptcy and opera- tions. She has extensive knowledge of federal and state-specific regulatory issues. Moskver holds a J.D. from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. She also holds an M.B.A. from the Univer - sity Of Denver Daniels College Of Business. "Maria is a focused and dedicated industry expert whose commitment and passion for compliance is beyond compare," said Rod Walz, Vice Chairman & Founder, Walz Group, a Division of LenderLive. "Maria is constantly praised by clients for her extensive communications on regulatory compliance changes, ensuring clients are left comfortable and confident with the new changes." Jackie Oliver SVP, NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE In her more than 25 years practicing law in the mortgage servicing indus- try, Jackie Oliver, SVP at Nationstar, has weathered all types of market cli- mates, persevering through the financial crisis and into the current recovery. She has held positions as a corporate attorney at Lomas Mortgage, GMAC Mortgage, EMC Mortgage, Fannie Mae, and now Na - tionstar Mortgage. Oliver's extensive background and experience not only serve her well in her role, but also serve as a resource to those around her. She has mentored and encouraged new attorneys and worked with Nationstar's Women's Network to foster leader - ship. Oliver is known for her gravitas, keeping calm and remaining composed, even in the most confron - tational situations. She is also recognized for having deep compassion for customers. Sally Taylor-Shoff SCORES VP, FICO Throughout her nearly three decades at FICO, Sally Taylor-Shoff has played an instrumental role in determining how credit is assessed for con - sumer credit, utilities, and mortgages. As the original product manager for FICO Scores, she worked with the GSEs in the 1990s to make FICO scores a consideration in mortgage underwriting, creating transparency and allowing consumers to take control of their credit. Taylor-Shoff currently serves as Scores VP, handling product man - agement, marketing, ana- lytic and software develop- ment, and analytic delivery for global syndicated FICO score products. Having already acquired a long list of accomplishments, she is not resting on her laurels. She looks forward to play - ing a role in empowering consumer financial literacy and increasing financial inclusion. Jill A. Showell SVP, GOVERNMENT AND COMMUNITY RELATIONS, OCWEN FINANCIAL CORPORATION Jill Showell brings a strong background of more than 25 years in public policy, government relations, and consumer outreach with a focus on mortgages to her current role as SVP of Government and Commu - nity Relations at Ocwen Financial Corporation. In this position, Showell is having a significant impact on local communi - ties, neighborhoods, and struggling homeowners. She created the Ocwen Community Advisory Council to collaborate with local community leaders to discuss policy, stabilize communities, and help Ocwen customers remain in their homes. She has developed partnerships with nonprofits and civil rights organizations across the country, including a notable relationship with the NAACP. Ocwen and the NAACP created the program Help and Hope for Homeowners.

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