November 2016 - End of the Road?

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32 | TH E M R EP O RT DATA & ANALYTICS DATA & ANALYTICS Special Advertising Section CORPORATE PROFILE Business Intelligence Group, LLC (BIG) is a leading provider of automation software solutions that per- form data accumulation, process improvement, and decision analytics for public and private companies as well as professional organizations across the U.S. real estate, financial services, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries. BIG analysts, architects, developers, and engineers work closely with clients to design, develop, and deploy custom enterprise applications and systems that accelerate the capture, analysis, and transfor - mation of internal, and external data into decision- oriented workflows, and operational information. COMPANY HISTORY Founded as an independent company in 2012, the majority of the Business Intelligence Group team has worked together since 2009 on U.S. residential real estate data and software solutions. They have diverse clients, but real estate remains the primary focus. The BIG team and its innovative solutions have helped clients purchase over $4 billion in U.S. residential performing, and non-performing mortgage notes, and other real estate assets under management. BIG project success with multiple real estate operat - ing companies, including public and private REITs, loan servicers, and specialty finance firms has led to direct relationships with senior executives, principals, and investors including family offices, and hedge funds. As a result, Big also performs technology due diligence services for clients' portfolio investments. BUSINESS LINES, SERVICES, AND PRODUCTS BIG offers its clients access to proprietary data- intensive solutions including: • BIG Discovery TM —Data visualization dashboard software as a service that offers self-service analytics across multiple data sources. • RAMP TM —Low-cost automated valuation model (AVM), that has provided clients with property characteristic information and valuations for over $70 billion in U.S. residential properties. • RECALC TM —Real estate economic search engine tuned to evaluate and identify investment opportunities in listed residential properties as income-producing assets. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE BIG takes a consultative approach to software development and the application of data and analyt- ics in order to best suit their diverse client needs. Their experienced staff brings multi-industry and multi-vendor experience to every assignment. They quickly evaluate the client situation and assemble the right data sets, industry software tools, and computing platforms to design the winning solution. Because many client challenges are unique, and they are in pursuit of competitive advantage, BIG will develop custom programs and systems as needed. They also have advanced skills configuring, integrat - ing, and deploying commercial Cloud platforms as well as offering their own hybrid Cloud. BIG is a high-performance technology partner to several areas within client companies—add value to capital markets, accounting, financial planning, and analysis, marketing, and most functional line operations. BIG can provide missing data, may unlock trapped data, and will bring varied data together from multiple sources in an automated manner that reduces error, saves time, and logs activities, and makes reporting exceptions, and progress fast and affordable. ADDED VALUE TO CLIENTS BIG saves its clients valuable time and money by introducing, and accelerating the clients' efforts to unlock the insights available from Big Data in a more cost-effective manner. BIG provides partnership and guidance with its multi-industry, multi-discipline experience in data aggregation, data mining, and predictive analytics to improver operation efficien - cies and economic profits. BIG collaborates and customizes its advanced data visualization tools to provide self-service data intelligence. BIG takes great pride in automating and accelerat- ing many digital workflow processes that save their clients valuable time and effort. Big automations have allowed clients to meet im- possible deadlines, reduce costly human errors, ter- minate ineffective offshore skill contracts, eliminate overtime, delay increased headcount, hire part-time and less expensive staff, and to accumulate data so that decisions can be made with all available information instead of sample data sets. KEYS TO SUCCESS BIG works closely with clients to drive improve- ments in operational execution by leveraging the scalable knowledge discernable from increasingly diverse data sources inside and outside the client's current practice. BIG delivers the best available data and tools for improved analysis and decision-mak - ing that drive optimized performance, and results. KEY PERSONNEL Kevin Kirkbride CEO CONTACT INFORMATION 7315 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 400W
 Bethesda, MD 20814 Phone: 301.500.0055 Email: Web:

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