February 2017 - Making Millennials Move

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34 | TH E M R EP O RT E-LENDING GUIDE Special Advertising Section Brady & Kosofsky, PA CORPORATE PROFILE Brady & Kosofsky is a North Carolina based law firm which provides compliant attorney supervised settlement and title services the critical legal supervision to all sizes of bank and non bank lenders, national title underwriters, and settlement service providers across the Carolinas. Brady & Kosofsky has been a proven leader in cutting edge title, settlement and closing technology for over a decade. The design and agility of the law firm of Brady & Kosofsky shows where the firm comes from and where its roots lie. The firm's entrepreneurial outlook and spirit speak to the direction of its thinking and how it sees the future of the title and closing industry. The design of its practice, the unrelenting commitment to legal supervision, and compliance are the necessary building blocks of a traditional attorney state closing operation. The core values of the firm's staff and its obsession to find better solutions define Brady & Kosofsky as the intersection of where tradition meets innovation. Brady & Kosofsky is a technology firm which happens to practice real estate law. Its first electronic closings took place nearly 10 years ago and it have not looked back since. Today, the firm is a founding member of the North Carolina Secretary of State Closing Pilot alongside many of the E-mortgage industry leaders. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Lenders, servicers, loan originators, realtors and consumers look to Brady & Kosofsky when: • They are seeking a competitive advantage by of- fering cutting edge statewide title and settlement solutions in North Carolina • Their current solution is not fully compliant with state law or technologically advanced • Their customers are unhappy with service levels they are receiving • They want a truly local provider who can provide a custom tailored solution based on their needs and wants based on their national workflow. The firm's experienced staff is composed of the brightest minds in the business and each one of them understands the national workflow and mindset while meeting the stringent practice rules in the attorney state of North Carolina. In addition to closing and settlement services, Brady & Kosofsky offers title searching services, which range from simple one owner searches to complex forensic searching. The firm has seen the future, accepted changes, and has implemented cutting edge, technology backed by forward thinking policies procedures to provide partners and clients with exceptional service. As a testament to its dedication to providing amazing service levels, Brady & Kosofsky is one of first and only firm of its kinds in the state of North Carolina to achieve a SOC 2 AT 101 Type 2 Attest Engagement and Examination for two years running. KEYS TO SUCCESS Brady & Kosofsky is always looking forward. Not to the side, above or below and never behind. At Brady & Kosofsky, the company will rest on past accomplishments, no matter how great the firm might be. "The e-Closing industry provides all stakeholders with the fundamental protections and convenience. E-Closing promotes cybersecurity, and the ability close anywhere any time while providing the lenders and the secondary market with the possibility of instant quality control." —Jaime A. Kosofsky, Attorney at Law, Brady & Kosofsky CONTACT INFORMATION Brady & Kosofsky, PA Phone: 704.849.8008 Email: 3065 Senna Drive Matthews, NC 28105 Phone: 704.849.8008 Web:

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