February 2017 - Making Millennials Move

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64 | TH E M R EP O RT "The most troubling loan we had was to the Octomom . . ." Another confirmation hearing gem, STEVEN MNUCHIN uttered this statement in relation to his OneWest days. "[A] different reality exists . . ." In his inauguration address PRESIDENT TRUMP acknowledge that not all Americans have the same experience in terms of wealth distribution and security. "You made me a . . . better man." President BARACK OBAMA tweeted this statement the day he left office. "It will not be my intention to do anything to benefit any American." An unfortunate gaffe made by BEN CARSON during his Senate confirmation hearing. He quickly corrected himself saying, "It's for all Americans, everything that we do." "[A] man who is committed to justice . . ." Former Secretary of State CONDOLEEZA RICE endorsing Senator Jeff Sessions as attorney general. Final Thoughts A Political Spin. With a new administration in office for a just a little under a month, we couldn't help but look back at these notable quotes from our nation's leaders.

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