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news and strategies for the evolving mortgage market THEMREPORT.COM SEPTEMBER 2012 MEET 10 HOUSING FINANCE GAME-CHANGERS WHOSE INFLUENCE IS BREAKING NEW GROUND AND PROMOTING INNOVATION IN THE INDUSTRY 44 ORIGINATION Going Commercial: Who Is Setting the Pace in the Non-Residential Sector? Banks and lenders speak out on the strategies leading to success in the current commercial marketplace. 54 SERVICING Past Tense: Does History Hold the Key to Financial Reform's Future? As the Dodd-Frank Act reaches another birthday, a look at the past and present of industry reform initiatives may reveal the legislation's next chapter. 66 ANALYTICS Safe and Sound: The Quality Control Conundrum. Are today's loans setting a new benchmark for quality in the marketplace? Lenders One CEO Jeff McGuiness thinks so, and he's speaking out on the positive trend. 76 SECONDARY MARKET Hot on Homes: Builders Break New Ground. As housing statistics continue to fluctuate, the homebuilding sector is seeing gains; find out which companies are making headlines.

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