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FEATURE the fourth-largest port in the coun- try, and NASA, among others. "The record-low interest rates are a big help as well. A lot of people think that it's hard to get a mortgage these days, but that's not the case. Sure it's not as easy as it once was, but as long as you have decent credit and a little cash for a down payment, you will be fine. I think people have decided that the economy isn't going to get worse and they are feeling a little more job security right now." International Influence A Williams, took a broader view. riel Dagan, a New York City real estate agent with Keller Europe/China is scaring money into safe havens like the U.S., Dagan said. "Traditionally when there are troubles abroad, people invest in U.S. dollars, U.S. treasuries, and, in recent years, U.S. real estate. If we look at bond and currency markets, you'll see somewhat of a correlation between prices. Bonds in Spain are going up due to increased concerns and instability. Ten-year U.S. Treasuries are at 1.4 percent or the lowest they have been all year. This is signaling that people and money are looking for safety. "What is brewing over in " in Miami cited a similar trend. "The simple answer to why real Sep Niakan, a real estate broker, " estate numbers are looking better in most major cities including Miami is foreign national buyers," Niakan said. "They have the money, and the U.S. is the 'flight to safety' or a general 'safe bet' in an unstable economic world . . . . On top of all that, the dollar is weak so those with strong foreign currencies see the U.S. as a bar- gain and thus don't mind paying a premium for the property they want. And up go the prices." "Some of the reasons that you're witnessing growth and stimulation in activity is where before one or two people may develop a property, now they will pool their money and assets with teams of people to greater leverage their investments," added Katriel Calderon, a broker with Nestseekers International in New York City, which specializes in luxury and investment real estate. "The rental market has also presented massive opportunities, making the owner's experience a growth in cash flow and liquidity. Although banks are making it dif- ficult for investors, angel investors have stepped forward, which has also brought about note/mortgage holders buying and selling, mak- ing financing easier than depend- ing on the bank. It was only a matter of time before someone met the lending needs present." But what if the "experts" are wrong? Might we be heading to another unsustainable bubble? "You could," Whitehead acknowledged glumly, "see some builders take write-downs and banks once again pull pack on lending. That would not be good for our industry." UNLIKE MOST AMCS, WE ARE MORE THAN A LIAISON BETWEEN A NETWORK AND THE USER. Axios' team monitors each transaction from order to delivery. We ensure timely delivery by incorporating the human element for accurate, compliant and thorough appraisals. Orders assigned to highest rated appraiser in proximity to property Every order is reviewed by our onsite licensed/certifi ed appraisers USPAP compliancy is backed by our proprietary technology Delivering a Full Suite of High Touch Appraisal Solutions Nationwide :: 817.581.2900 :: THE M REPORT | 33

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