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TH E M R EP O RT | 5 MTECH entered into a definitive agreement to acquire MountainView Finan- cial Solutions, a service provider to the financial services industry. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, MountainView is a valu- ation and risk analytics business for the financial services sector. "MountainView is the premier valuation and brokerage platform for Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSRs), hard-to-value securi- ties, and whole loans, and has a well-earned reputation as an elite provider of risk management analytics for financial institutions," said Steve Powel, CEO of Situs. "Together with our 2017 acquisi- tion of The Collingwood Group, the MountainView transaction expands our set of capabilities and positions Situs as the trusted advisor of choice within the con- tinually evolving housing finance market, and puts Situs at the nexus of real estate and fintech, Powel added." MountainView's profession- als will work alongside Situs to deliver a spectrum of risk manage- ment and transaction services, and build on the group's foundation of valuation and regulatory advisory services. "MountainView's breadth of services is a natural extension of Situs' existing analytics offerings," said MountainView CEO Michael Morgan. "As a part of the Situs family, MountainView will be able to leverage Situs' existing tools, resources, data and partnerships to further develop our combined analytics framework, enhance our models, and extend our offerings into new asset classes and to more clients." Northsight Management Merges with ASONS Construction, Inc. THIS KEY BUSINESS EXPANSION MARKS THE SECOND AND FINAL M&A MILESTONE FOR NORTHSIGHT SINCE AUGUST 2017. N orthsight Management LLC, a mortgage field services provider, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, an- nounced a recent key business expansion in January—the finalization of its merger with ASONS Construction Inc., a highly regarded regional REO and property preservation ser - vice provider. The procurement of ASONS marks the second and final M&A milestone for Northsight since August 2017. ASONS Construction Inc., based in Muncie, Indiana, is one of the oldest and most integrated industry firms of the region. It began when the founders purchased a foreclosed home and grasped first-hand the maintenance required. Over the years, ASONS expanded to provide field and property preservation services for U.S. Government Agencies, financial institutions, and private sector institutions. Northsight principals, Josh Sarchet and Steve Johnson, are committed to growing the Northsight into the leading nationwide field service pro - vider. "We believe that the combina- tion of the two organizations adds significant expertise and strength to Northsight," stated Sarchet. "The team at ASONS has a solid reputa - tion within the REO preservation space which will further expand on Northsight's service offerings in addition to adding significant bench strength to the overall organization. With the onboarding of our new team from ASONS, we can con- tinue our objective of becoming the premier service provider with an unfailing commitment to customer service, continuous improvement, and integrity. " Northsight's headquarters will remain in Scottsdale, Arizona and the company will expand by con - tinuing core operation in Muncie, Indiana. Landmark Network, Inc. Announces Wholesale365 THE PROGRAM IS DESIGNED TO ENHANCE THE SERVICE EXPERIENCE FOR WHOLESALE LENDERS AND THEIR CLIENTS. L andmark Network, Inc., a Los Angeles-based appraisal management company that offers a full range of national valu- ation and technology solutions, recently announced the launch of Wholesale365, a specialized program designed to enhance the service experience for wholesale lenders and their clients. According to the company, this new program gives account execu- tives and underwriters support 365 days a year via both phone and email from senior Landmark Network executives. Including custom scorecards and turn time data, the Wholesale365 program enables executives to set proper expectations and moni- tor performance from day one. Wholesale managers will have deep visibility into their broker pipelines, including real-time updates while the orders are still in progress. Meanwhile, underwriters will receive a similar menu of support tools to streamline their workflow. "The Wholesale365 program expands on Landmark Network's dedication to serving our client needs whenever they arise," said Hunter Gorog, President and COO of Landmark Network. Landmark Network, Inc. will also contact each borrower in order to educate them on what to expect during the appraisal process and to alleviate any fears or worries by answering all related questions. The cornerstone of the new program is real-time availability for wholesale managers to reach Landmark's leadership team at any time. Wholesale365 will also enable purchase and new construction teams to work hand-in-hand with Landmark Network staff to ensure time-sensitive transactions and to alleviate common issues. "Wholesale managers face unique challenges managing their pipelines, and we are dedicated to assisting them with any issues they encounter, 7 days a week," added Erik Richard, Founder and CEO of Landmark Network. IntelliMime Drives Down Costs and Increases Efficiency CONCENTRANCE CONSULTING GROUP, INC. HAS ROLLED OUT A NEW VERSION OF ITS TECHNOLOGY THAT AUTOMATES THE COMPLIANCE REVIEW PROCESS. C oncentrance Consult- ing Group, Inc., a small minority-owned business founded in 2000, has rolled out a new version of its technology "Wholesale managers face unique challenges managing their pipelines, and we are dedicated to assisting them with any issues they encounter, 7 days a week." —Erik Richard, Founder and CEO, Landmark Network

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