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6 | TH E M R EP O RT MTECH that automates the compliance review process of MBS Issuers who collectively hold over $1 trillion in outstanding issuance. The compliance-as-a-ser- vice technology, powered by IntelliMime, ensures step-by-step guide review consistency, and enables real-time government agency management complete with a browser view of each compli - ance review while in process. The system does all of this in a hosted, cloud-based, data-secure environ- ment consistent with Federal Government requirements. "The technology has a depth to it that is unique," said Allen Jones, Principal of Concentrance, who went on to say, "IntelliMime takes very complex routines and automates them with reporting, analytics, and dashboards. The system is user friendly and scalable and through workforce optimiza - tion can drive down costs and create efficiencies." The premise of IntelliMime is to "think-in-sync" so that your best employee's work is replicated by software in a codified, methodical manner that ensures consistency, protects data security, and enables the optimization of workforce management. In building out the IntelliMime system, Concentrance envisions a workforce of talented and aspir - ing employees who may not be presently employed in financial services. With limited training, the IntelliMime technology can offer an entrée to a broader and more diverse workforce. The Concentrance management team has a 2020 goal to launch its first full production office in Memphis, Tennessee, near both public housing and the home where Concentrance President Karmen Carr was raised. While Carr succeeded in building a successful career in mortgage finance in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., she intends to launch a workforce in Memphis using the IntelliMime software. "When you have the opportu - nity to achieve success and then re- turn to your roots and help others gain financial skills they might not otherwise have had access to—well, it's very rewarding," said Carr. Carr went on to say, "Our work for private sector clients and the federal government is just beginning. We have big goals and our software is applicable to any industry. Give us your most complex process and your most talented employee and we'll codify and productionalize it. We can then manage it or license the software." Global DMS Integrates with Black Knight LENDERS USING LOANSPHERE EXCHANGE CAN NOW PAIR GLOBAL DMS' VALUATION MANAGEMENT PLATFORM. C loud-based valuation management software provider Global DMS has integrated its valuation manage - ment platform with Black Knight's LoanSphere Exchange platform, an online, collaborative technology that connects more than 25,000 mortgage industry service and solution providers. This integration provides a gateway that helps support easy, secure lender access to Global DMS' eTrac valuation management platform from their loan origina- tion system (LOS), such as Black Knight's LoanSphere Empower and LoanSphere LendingSpace LOS, which are integrated with LoanSphere Exchange. Global DMS' integration with LoanSphere Exchange enables lend - ers to order, check the status in real- time, review and upload completed appraisal files into the LOS. The bi-directional integration stream - lines data exchange and facilitates ease of communication between the platforms. This eliminates the re-entry of data from initial order - ing through review, thus reducing errors, ensuring compliance, cutting costs and dramatically speeding up the appraisal process. Black Knight's Exchange technol - ogy provides integration, data man- agement, decisioning support and workflow management to facilitate transactions between lenders and their service providers through a single, secure online platform. "Through this integration, we will significantly extend our reach to lenders that use Black Knight technology," said Vladimir Bien-Aime, President and CEO at Global DMS. "With Exchange, lenders es - sentially now have plug-and-play LOS integration to eTrac, which completely supports an in-house appraisal panel model, automates the entire valuation management process, and requires little-to-no IT resources to maintain," Bien- Amie said. eTrac is a single-source valuation management platform that auto - mates key aspects of the valuation process such as: vendor manage- ment, appraisal ordering, assigning orders, tracking status in real-time, handling accounting functions, appraisal delivery based on lender preferences, reviewing appraisals, and selling them via connectivity to the Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP) and Electronic Appraisal Delivery portal. "We are pleased to welcome Global DMS as one of Black Knight's Exchange integration part - ners in support of our commit- ment to reduce the time, cost and complexity to originate loans," said Tom Peterson, president, Lending Solutions division at Black Knight. "When you have the opportunity to achieve success and then return to your roots and help others gain financial skills they might not otherwise have had access to—well, it's very rewarding." —Karmen Carr, President, Concentrance

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