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TH E M R EP O RT | 35 TOP 25 INDUSTRY LEADERS & INFLUENCERS Special Section Kevin Brungardt CEO, ROUNDPOINT MORTGAGE SERVICING CORPORATION YEARS IN INDUSTRY: 25+ K evin Brungardt leads by example and lives the corporate mantra, "All in. All win." Brungardt works to ensure that employees understand the roles they play in doing the right thing for their customers, the company, and the com- munities RoundPoint serves. He takes time to ask questions, explain decisions, and recount previous experiences in which he's learned something—a form of hands-on teaching whereby employees benefit from his experi- ence. Brungardt has created a strong corpo- rate culture by being connected, transparent, positive, and promoting a fun environment. He also has a strong commitment to charitable causes such as the American Cancer Society's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer, the Special Olympics, and Toys for Tots. Under Brungardt's guidance, RoundPoint's portfolio of loans serviced has seen an increase of over 4,000 percent over the last eight and a half years. Brungardt has also overseen the cre- ation of internal programs to both recognize employee excellence and promote diversity, including initiatives supporting the interests of African-American employees, professional women furthering their careers, faith-based groups, and special needs individuals. He also hosts a monthly initiative with the COO in which RoundPoint employees from various departments and backgrounds can discuss informal topics like the latest news or business concerns. Brungardt has also supported and promoted the "Round-Up Series," a newsletter in which employees can promote the causes they are most passionate about and request others to join. Nor does Brungardt lose site of the personal touch—after one employee's sister's house burned down, he personally took the family to Target to buy them new clothes. Paul Buege PRESIDENT AND COO, INLANTA MORTGAGE YEARS IN INDUSTRY: 35 P aul Buege was promoted to Presi- dent of Inlanta Mortgage in 2018, having served as the COO for five years prior. Buege's leadership style is equal parts inspiration, excitement, and positivity, centered around everyone achiev- ing a common goal. He establishes relation- ships with the members of the team, gives encouragement, insight, and knowledge as he communicates freely and honestly about the company, its future, and its greater purpose. This has created a dynamic culture at Inlanta Mortgage that works like a machine well oiled for success. Colleagues say that people love working at Inlanta and love doing busi- ness with the company as well, and much of that comes down to Buege's leadership style and the culture he has striven to create. Buege encourages the Inlanta team to be the best- in-class and to strive to improve upon even their best work on a daily basis. When working with struggling team members, Buege approaches from a place of positiv- ity. He wants to understand the root of the struggle, talk about it, and figure out what he can do to help or to bring the team alongside the individual to help them position them- selves for success. Buege invites feedback from everyone at the company, both directly to him and through the firm's advisory board. He recognizes that great ideas can come from anyone and encourages everyone to think critically and offer suggestions at any time. He also puts good ideas into motion and gives credit where it is due, which in and of itself encourages new ideas. Anthony Casa CHAIRMAN, ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDENT MORTGAGE EXPERTS YEARS IN INDUSTRY: 15 A nthony Casa has been instrumental in changing the landscape of mort- gage origination through the As- sociation of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME). In addition to invigorating the concept of the mortgage brokerage, he has operated one of the nation's largest mortgage- broker companies. AIME was formed to estab- lish a community of independent mortgage ex- perts by creating an association that empowers them with the tools, resources, and support necessary to successfully advise consumers nationwide with their residential mortgage needs; cultivate ideas, provide exclusive ben- efits, and impact legislative and social progress through advocacy and education. AIME's vision is to strategically grow, strengthen, and increase the visibility of independent mortgage experts nationwide to ensure that borrowers and real estate agents entrust and choose an independent mortgage expert as their primary partner in their home buying and refinance process. A strong, no nonsense leader, nothing stands in the way of Casa's chosen goal. He has proven this time and time again by ac- complishing what others deemed impossible. "No one is a better mentor than Anthony. If you can't succeed under his direction, you probably aren't trying. He is always willing to share the limelight with excellent employees and even peers in the industry," said John Councilman, President of AMC Mortgage Corp. Casa spends hundreds of hours every month encouraging others in the industry, including by holding frequent conferences and seminars. Casa was previously the Founder/ President of Garden State Home Loans, which was ranked by NJ Biz as one of the 16 Fastest Growing Business in 2017.

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