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Th e M Rep o RT | 3 Co nte nts 12 RegulatoRs' New taRget Credit unions have largely avoided the past year's flurry of regulatory changes, but a new round of legislation has many clamor- ing to make sense of the rules. 16 stayiNg iN BusiNess with New RegulatioNs Unless efficiencies are built into lenders' business processes, the cost of complying with new mortgage rules will ultimately erode all profitability. 21 solviNg the PRoBlem of PRoPeRty tax estimatioN Property tax estimates are critical to the homebuyer experience and peace of mind. Errors in these estimates can be avoided with sound strategy and business fundamen- tals. 24 the Real imPact of iNtegRated disclosuRes What can the industry expect when the CFPB's final rule and new forms take effect next year? sPecial sectioN 27 BusiNess PRocess outsouRciNg guide dePaRtmeNts 4 oN the weB Come Together Two heads—or companies—are often better than one. 6 mdwell Top 10 Trick-or-Treat Friendly Cities 9 mcRowd See Who's Moving On and Moving Up in the Industry 28 | TH E M REP O RT BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING GUIDE Special Advertorial Section COMPANY DESCRIPTION Indecomm offers consulting, outsourcing, learning, and technology solutions to its clients in the financial services, high-tech, life sciences, education, and publishing verticals. Indecomm combines technology platform-driven outsourcing solutions with a flexible delivery model. Indecomm helps its customers improve profitability, gain time-to-market advantage, and achieve immediate return on investment. With more than 3,500 associates worldwide, Indecomm services its customers from global delivery centers and offices in the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, and India. Indecomm is funded by leading global venture capital funds, including WestBridge Capital Partners, Tiger Global Management Private Equity, and the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group. For more information, visit BUSINESS LINES • Learning • Mortgage Services • Technology • Indecomm-Mortgage U COMPANY HISTORY Indecomm Global Services has been in business for fourteen years now. The company is primarily an outsourcing service provider with a strong focus in the mortgage industry. Indecomm has diversified over the years, both geographically as well as across different markets. The company's growth has come through a combination of acquisitions and organic development. Indecomm has made five acquisitions with three in the mortgage industry: Mortgage Dynamics, US Recordings, BrainVisa, Encora, and Mortgage U. KEYS TO OUR SUCCESS Indecomm's vision is to operate as one seamless entity to its clients offering the entire spectrum of its services and capabilities. Within the mortgage industry, Indecomm aspires to be the number one provider of business outsourced processing services to every facet of the fast-moving mortgage industry. The company's mortgage learning leverages global expertise within its proprietary learning management system. In the title business Indecomm now works with lenders of all types and sizes as well as servicers, sub- servicers leveraging its knowledge platform. The company runs its functions on a variable cost basis. The company has a blended model with four processing centers in the United States seamlessly integrated with its India operations. STATE OF THE ART SOLUTIONS The cornerstones of Indecomm's outsourcing solutions are its technology platforms, which allow the company to deliver the outsourced service in a completely integrated and turnkey fashion. These include: • ViewPoint to manage and track mortgage documents • iTitleHub for title search, examination, and document preparation • Dynamic Doc Hub for post-closing services • Kaizen for risk management • Yellow Platter Learning Management System for eLearning SAMPLE OF INDUSTRY AWARDS 2014: Indecomm Learning wins award for the proprietary RapideL Tool in the category of Best in Class Technologies—Best Rapid E-Learning Tool from World HRD Congress 2014: Indecomm Learning selected to's 2014 Training Outsourcing Top 20 and Watch List Companies 2014: Indecomm Learning Division chosen for List of Top 20 Authoring Tools Companies 2013: Indecomm Learning Division wins Brandon Hall Group Bronze Award for Excellence in Technology 2013: Indecomm a Global Services 100 Service Provider 2013: Indecomm Global Services Learning Division selected for 2013 IT Training Companies Watch List 2013: Asian Quality Leadership Award of Best in Class Technologies conferred on Indecomm Learning Division 2013: Brandon Hall Group awards Indecomm Learning a Silver Medal in Best Use of Video for Learning 2013: adds Indecomm Learning to 2013 Learning Portal Companies Watch List 2013: Indecomm Global Services receives High Scores by International Association of Outsourcing Professionals KEY PERSONNEL Rajan Nair President, Financial Services Division, Indecomm Global Services Judy Wheatley SVP, Compliance, Indecomm Global Services Alice Alvey SVP, Indecomm-Mortgage U Latha Parameswaran VP of Operations, Document Management Group, Indecomm Global Services Jeff Carlson SVP, Strategic Initiatives, Indecomm Global Services CONTACT INFORMATION 379 Thornall Street, 2nd Floor Edison, New Jersey 08837 Office:732.404.0081 Fax:732.404.0151 Website: Indecomm Global Services 30 | Th e M Rep o RT business process outsourcing guide Special Advertorial Section Company desCription US Real Estate Services, also known throughout the industry as USRES, is an AMC-chartered national provider and REO outsourcer offering outsourcing and valuation services for origination lenders, banks, hedge funds, credit unions, institutional lenders, and private investors. With more than 20 years of experi- ence in understanding and providing a diverse suite of products, USRES is able to consistently exceed client quality standards. Company history Founded in 1991, USRES quickly became an indus- try leader for REO disposition and default valuations. In 2003, USRES created its proprietary software solution, RES.NET, to further serve its growth in the valuation space. The company credits its success to the establishment of dedicated business units for each of its services, recruiting and training the best professionals in the industry, and establishing lasting relationships with its core business partners. regulatory ComplianCe AMC Compliance and Charter USRES enables its clients to remain compliant and work with vetted, established local real estate agents and appraisers. USRES adheres to the requirements set forth in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Mortgagee Letter 2009-28 regard- ing Federal Housing Administration (FHA) appraisal requirements related to appraiser independence. USRES also adheres to the requirements set forth in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 regarding appraisal require- ments related to the appraiser independence. To ensure clients remain compliant, USRES offers: • Complete regulatory compliance with appraiser independence • Detailed order and correspondence logs for auditing purposes • Local certified and FHA-approved appraisers • E&O insurance for all approved appraisers • Secure online system to track all appraisals • Extensive quality control through an automated review system, which checks more than 2,000 rules for adherence to client SLA, USPAP, HUD, and GSE guidelines USRES' Appraisal Management Company Charter translates into reduced risk and liability for its clients. The charter gives USRES clients ultimate confidence in the company's expertise and experience. The charter indicated that USRES is: • Licensed in all states requiring licensing • Bonded in all stated requiring bonding • Led by a chief appraiser with 30 years of experi- ence and a staff of seasoned appraisal veterans • Continually monitoring AMC law and regulation changes Distressed Asset Management Loss Prevention To maximize clients' return on the assets entrusted to its, USRES strives to minimize exposure in four key areas: • Risk management: Accurate valuations; aged asset migration; accurate closing statements • State and local law compliance: Tenant law; agent law; buyer law • Violations/taxes: Code violation discovery; HOA violations discovery; property/transfer tax research; proactive vacant property registration • Preservation: Mold detection; winterization; property securitization; monitoring Business lines, serviCes, and produCts US Real Estate Services provides a variety of origination, refinance, and default valuation products including broker price opinions, appraisals, rental surveys, value reconciliations, and data-driven valuations. In addition, USRES provides extensive liquidation services such as REO disposition as well as supports a la carte services, including HOA man- agement, eviction management, closing services, and property tax coordination. Competitive advantage The key to USRES' success as a company has been its organic growth in the industry. The founder and CEO, Keith Guenther, has been in the real estate industry for more than 30 years and started the company in 1991. In order to create greater efficiencies, USRES created its proprietary software, RES.NET, for in-house use. RES.NET has since expanded to become a major player in the real estate software space. added value to Clients USRES has always believed that the best results are achieved when innovative technology solutions are put in the hands of an experienced and dedicated staff. It understands that technology is key to its business and will be vital to providing the efficiency and compliance that clients demand. That being said, technology alone cannot provide the excellent customer service and personalized solutions that USRES prides itself on delivering. The company holds itself up to the highest standards in order to deliver a complete solution to its clients. keys to suCCess The company's onsite-staff assigns BPO and appraisal orders through its proprietary valuation software based on turn time, distance, and qual- ity. By placing exceptional tools in the hands of its key personnel Keith Guenther Founder & CEO Angela Hurst SVP of Business Development Michael Bull CFO Rida Sharaf SVP of Real Estate Operations Brad Froelich Chief Appraiser staffing Employees: 85 contact information 25520 Commercentre Dr. Lake Forest, California 92630 phone: 800.760.7036 email: Web: US Real Estate Service BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING GUIDE Special Advertorial Section P R E S E N T S TH E M REP O RT | 27 BUSINESS PROCESS OUTSOURCING GUIDE Efficiency, along with flexibility, is the key to a company's success. The ability to delegate key tasks to capable contacts is of the essence. Enter the companies featured in the inaugural Business Process Outsourcing Guide. They have established themselves as effectively reaching the goals set forth by the companies that hire them. Inside this guide, find the tools of the trade that set these companies apart from their competition.

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