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news and strategies for the evolving mortgage market October 2013 MReport — Presents— the inaugural Business Process Outsourcing Guide Like a virtual handshake from one coast to another, strategic loan outsourcing is gaining a worldly purview, and the entire globe is firmly in its grasp. 59 38 47 50 O r i g i n at i o n S e r v i c i n g a n a ly t i c s What Will Rate Hikes Mean for Origination Volume? Servicing Problems Abound at Banks, Nonbanks Summer Cooldown Not Just in Temperature Revised GDP Shows Second-Quarter Strength FBR takes another look at its forecast in the wake of rising interest rates. Many servicers have a lot of work ahead of them in order to prepare for the January 10 new rules implementation. Market dynamics shift as the summertime ends, signaling a slowing of key economic indicators. The economy grew slightly faster than expected in Q2, showing most of the reduction coming at the state and local levels. s e c o n da ry m a r k e t

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