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42 | TH E M R EP O RT An MReport Issue Featuring Five Star Conference's Keystone Awards Finalists Charmaine Brown DIRECTOR, EXTERNAL OUTREACH AND ENGAGEMENT, OFFICE OF MINORITY AND WOMEN INCLUSION, FANNIE MAE Named "A Leading Lady in Housing" by MReport in 2016 and Diversity Journal's Woman-Worth Watching 2018, Charmaine Brown is recognized as a diversity and inclusion thought leader, innovator, and advocate. Currently serving as Director in the Office of Minority and Women Inclusion at Fannie Mae, she is responsible for diversity and inclusion outreach strategies for the enterprise, internally and externally. Brown holds a master's degree from Johns Hopkins University. She is credited with completing the Diversity Management Program at Cornell's ILR School, as well as the Harvard Kennedy School for Executive Education, Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Program. Brown serves as the Vice-Chair of the American Mortgage Diversity Council (AMDC) and sits on the Housing Advisory Board of HomeFree USA. She is also the recipient of the Council for Inclusion in Financial Services (CIFS) Prism Award, as well as the National Urban League's McGannon award. Jan Duke COO AND LEAD CONSULTANT, A360 FIRM SOLUTIONS As part of her role at a360 Firm Solutions, which she has held for six years, Jan Duke is responsible for providing strategic leadership for the company and is an integral component of setting the company's culture. She began her career in the consumer packaged goods industry and later moved to the legal field where she held senior leadership positions in human resources, information technology, support services, operations management, and compliance. Duke utilizes her extensive industry experience to create customized solutions to resolve operational challenges for a360's clients. Her primary focus is consulting in the areas of management, business-process improvement, and technology. She also oversees business development efforts and solutions delivery, and provides operational leadership guidance. With almost 20 years' experience in the industry, she can leverage her knowledge to assist client firms in meeting their performance and fiscal objectives. THE CULTURAL LEADER AWARD Honoring industry leaders who have successfully fostered forward-thinking company cultures and workplaces through corporate strategies and initiatives that have led to tangible, positive outcomes for colleagues company-wide and beyond (minimum 10 years' consecutive industry experience). FINALISTS

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