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44 | TH E M R EP O RT An MReport Issue Featuring Five Star Conference's Keystone Awards Finalists Timika Cole SVP, US BANK Timika Cole serves as Operations Group Manager for the Recovery & Loss Prevention areas of US Bank that focus on mitigating the bank's exposure by preserving properties, managing post- foreclosure, and recovering expenses for the bank. She's heavily involved with vari- ous mortgage banking industry initiatives to improve the operational processes for the bank's customers, property preserva- tion, and claims. She's one of the spon- sors for the bank's Employee Network, which focuses on bringing employees with similar backgrounds, experiences, or interests together to network, learn, develop leadership skills, and contribute powerfully to the company and their communities. She is US Bank's Champion for Diversity & Inclusion for Consumer Banking Sales & Support where she partners with other leaders to meet diversity and inclusion objectives and bring development opportunities across all business lines. Cole has partnered with MelRo Foundation to bring education to U.S. foster care parents and resources for Ghanaian children. Cole's newly formed nonprofit organization—Su Exito—pro- vides life skill tools for the children to be ready for emancipation at age 18. Dr. Lynn Fisher RESIDENT SCHOLAR AND CO-DIRECTOR OF THE CENTER ON HOUSING MARKETS AND FINANCE, AMERICAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE Dr. Lynn Fisher focuses her research on examining affordable housing, home building, and mortgages. Before join- ing American Enterprise Institute in April, Fisher was VP of Research and Economics and the Executive Director of the Research Institute for Housing America at the MBA, and on the faculty of Washington State University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of North Carolina. Fisher has three degrees from Pennsylvania State University: a doctor- ate in business administration with a concentration in real estate finance, a master's in business administration, and a bachelor's in international politics. A known voice in the housing industry, Fisher recently spoke to MReport on affordable housing. "Although surpris- ing to some, we don't need subsidies to build 'affordable' housing," Fisher said. "We simply need to allow market actors by right to build economical housing in much greater quantities than we cur- rently permit. Even incremental density increases can make a big difference for the ability of a community to accom- modate households at a wide range of prices and rents." THE COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP AWARD Celebrating those who have successfully broken barriers and helped lead the charge in developing diverse workplace cultures by fostering inclusive and welcoming environments for people of every color, creed, and gender to prosper and achieve over adversity (minimum 10 years' consecutive industry experience). FINALISTS

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